Cat-Map is an online chromosome map and reference database for inherited and age-related forms of cataract(s) in humans, mice, and other vertebrates maintained by the Shiels lab (1).


Click on the chromosome link below to scan for loci, genes, mutations/variations, phenotypes, mouse mutants and peer-reviewed publications associated with cataract. Links to the Entrez Gene and PubMed databases are provided.


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Cat-Map is for academic research purposes only. While every attempt is made to keep the information current and inclusive, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. E-mail comments, suggestions or corrections to



Last updated: October 2016


      Alan Shiels Ph.D.

Thomas Bennett M.Sc.




     1.   Shiels A, Bennett TM, and Hejtmancik JF. Cat-Map: Putting cataract on the map. Mol Vis (2010)



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